Kickass Speaking & Cruises


You don’t have to work with Blair from afar! Join Blair and team for a Kickass Business Cruise or book Blair for a speaking engagement.

Topics Blair is available to educate on include (but are not limited to);

    • Sales :The 5 Questions You Need to Answer (Even If You’re Not Asked)
      • Increase your sales without chasing clients
      • Beat your competitors 90% of the time
      • Gain credibility and trust by providing value
    • How to Find Your Warm Market
      • Never make a cold call again
      • Increase your large ticket sales starting immediately
      • Find the clients and customers who are already searching for what you have to sell
    • Staging the best business comeback ever!
      • Bring your dead business back to life or start a vibrant new, successful business
      • Failures can be the best stepping stone to your success
      • Steps you can start taking immediately to make your comeback
    • Naked business is best (how authenticity can take your business to the next level)
      • How transparency can actually win you clients and customers
      • Authenticity will attract a tribe of raving fans and advocates for your business
      • Being politically correct is seriously overrated
    • Marketing 101
      • How to navigate through a sea of marketing options when launching your business
      • Why the best businesses use both internet marketing and traditional marketing
      • How to take immediate steps to connect with your target market
    • Press releases are awesome and other PR myths that will kill your business
      • Find out what PR is…and what it isn’t
      • Why relying on press releases is a business killer
      • What the most successful businesses are doing that everyone else isn’t
      • How media relations can get you in front of four times as many potential customers
    • Why every business should be a “cause” business (and how to find your cause)
      • Identifying with a cause can create raving fans and advocates
      • Aligning your business with a cause that doesn’t detract from your message
    • Perception is reality – best ways to position your brand
      • How to figure out your message in a way that appeals to potential clients & customers
      • Figure out what your competitors aren’t saying
    • Writing media pitches that don’t suck
      • Why mass pitching never works and you shouldn’t trust people who do it
      • How media relations can get you in front of potential customers faster and easier
      • How reporters are a lot like your loud mouthed aunt (in a good way)
    • Networking 101 – stop doing it wrong
      • Most people do networking wrong and actually scare people away
      • Never ask people what they can do for you, but instead what you can do for them
      • How I tripled my business in one year via networking.

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